X-CYCLONE® Oil Mist Separators

Compact systems for the processing industry ready for connection

Our oil mist separators and emulsion mist separators are designed for the extraction and purification of the exhaust air from machine tools, such as lathes, milling machines or machining centres. They offer highest separating rates at the lowest possible energy consumption.

Oil Mist Separators
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Electrostatic oil mist separator with upstream condenser

Tailored to your requirements

Our expertise concerning compact and flexible emulsion mist separators

  • Our oil mist separators have been optimised with scientific procedures. Their effectiveness and functionality have been tested and proven for years.
  • Our high-grade X-CYCLONE® Separators are extremely efficient with a separating rate of 99.999 % and also maintenance-free as they clean themselves.
  • The airflow rate is always perfectly matched to the requirements due to digital device monitoring and continuous fan control as a standard.
  • You have special demands or use a special process – we have a suitable extraction system. And if not, be sure that we will find a solution!
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Technologies of our Oil Mist Separators

X-CYCLONE® technology for the separation of aerosol

X-CYCLONE® Separating Technology

The X-CYCLONE® Basic Element cleans itself completely and does not need any maintenance! The aerosols separated in the Basic Element run off as a fluid mass to the bottom along the X-CYCLONE® profiles.

Oil mist separator with integrated REVEX® Cleaning System

REVEX® Cleaning Technology

Das integrierte REVEX® Sprühsystem sorgt vollautomatisch für die beidseitige Reinigung und Desinfizierung der Aerosolabscheider. Auch diese Technologie ist patentiert. This technology is also protected by patent rights.

Emulsion Mist Separator with XSC Control System

XSC Technology for automatic adjustment and control

The extraction airflow is adjusted to the requirements.

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Highlights of our Oil Mist Separators and Emulsion Separators

  • Separating rates of up to 99.999 %

    The X-CYCLONE® high-performance separating system achieves a very high separating efficiency with rates of up  99.999 %.

  • Proven functionality

    The effectiveness and function of the Oil Mist Separator are proven by CFD flow analysis.

  • Digital fan module

    The digital fan module XSC ensures fast commissioning, flexibility and a high performance.

  • Energy-saving ecodesign

    The fan impeller and the electric motor have an energy-efficient sustainable design and comply with the European Ecodesign Directive.
    Energy costs of up to Euro 2,000 per year can be saved compared to conventional oil mist separators.

  • Fire protection

    The flame-arresting capability of the X-CYCLONE® Basic Elements is tested in accordance with DIN 18869-5 and DIN EN 16282.

  • Lifetime warranty

    We provide a lifetime warranty on the
    X-CYCLONE® Aerosol Separator Basic Elements and for the corrosion resistance of the housing.


Discover our catalogue

You can find further information about our Oil Mist Separators in our catalogue. You can also find details on the REVEN Range of Delivery there.

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Accessories and Services

Additional offers in connection with extraction systems

RJ Compact Emulsion Mist Separator

RJ Compact Unit

The smallest unit of our Emulsion Separators ready for connection is particularly suitable for the separation of water-based aerosols such as lubricants or spraying mist. Optionally, the unit can be fitted with support feet.
Air Cleaning Table with and without washing function.

T Air Cleaning Table

Our T Cleaning Table is available for the cleaning and inspection of individual parts and small parts. Cleaning is performed by means of compressed air. Optionally, our Cleaning Table is fitted with an additional washing function.
REVEN® Pipe – Condenser for water and oil vapours

REVEN® Pipe Condenser

The REVEN® Pipe is offered as an accessory for the C-XSC Oil Mist Separator and the CE-XSC Emulsion Mist Separator to enforce condensation of water and oil vapours.

Air cleaner units ready for connection to extract exhausts and separate oil mists in the processing industry.

Capture and cleaning of exhaust air contaminated with oil and emulsion mists or fine particles that are emitted by machine tools such as lathes and milling machines.