REVEX® Spraying Technology

The spraying system provides for the automatic cleaning and disinfection of ventilation systems

The spraying technology was developed to clean and disinfect the X-CYCLONE® Separators. In addition, it can be used to wash gas and solid particles out of the air.

REVEX® Spraying Technology for the cleaning of separators
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In a kitchen hood or ventilation ceiling

Cleaning and disinfection of the separators

REVEX® Spraying System is used for the automatic cleaning and disinfection of the X-CYCLONE® Aerosol Separators in REVEN® Extractor Hoods and the Exhaust Air Modules in REVEN® Ventilation Ceilings. This way, dirt, grease residues and bacteria are rinsed off. There is no need to remove the separators and clean them in the dishwasher.

For a ventilation unit in an industrial plant

Cleaning, increase in efficiency and air washing

The REVEX® Spraying System cleans the X-CYCLONE® Aerosol Separators installed in extraction units or duct-mounting systems and thus increases the separation efficiency, especially with dusty exhaust air or sticky substances. With the help of the spraying technology, finest aerosol particles and harmful gases can be washed from the air in addition.

REVEX® Spraying System to wash out fine particles

Versatile application options

The REVEX® Spraying System is suitable for ventilation and extraction systems

  • In restaurant and canteen kitchens with intensive frying and deep frying activities
  • In food processing where greasy and sticky fumes are emitted
  • In machine tool construction
  • In the plastics processing industry
  • In textile finishing
  • In varnishing and coating plants
  • In the oil and gas industry
  • And many other sectors


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Aerosol Separation

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REVEX® Spraying System – kill two birds with one stone

The state-of-the-art REVEX® Spraying System can be used both for cleaning separators installed in kitchen exhaust systems and for washing out finest, even sticky particles of the exhaust air.