Extraction Systems for the Industry

Rentschler REVEN – partner of the processing industry with decades of experience.

REVEN supplies the whole range of exhaust and extraction systems for industrial and commercial requirements, especially for the extraction of emulsion and oil mists on machine tools. Everything in the typical REVEN quality and perfection, from the design to the assembly.

Extraction system in the processing industry
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Our Products for

the Processing Industry and the Machining Sector

C-XSC Emulsion Mist Separator with automatic adjustment

Compact ventilation units

Oil mist separators, emulsion mist separators, and appliances for electrostatic filtering
Mobile compact smoke filter

Mobile extraction units

Welding smoke, laser, and brazing fume extraction systems
Duct-mounting separator with cleaning system

Filters and separators suitable for installation in the exhaust duct

REVEN® Duct-mounting Filters are the ideal solution for central extraction or pre-separation, but also for other tasks
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Extraction on machine tools

Tailored to your requirements

Our optimised solutions including extraction systems for:

  • Lathes, milling machines, and machining centres
  • Grinding machines, polishing machines, and brushing machines
  • Varnishing plants and coating plants
  • Processes in textile finishing
  • Eroding machines, laser processing plants, and 3-D printers
  • Soldering, brazing and welding works
  • Production processes in the oil and gas industries
  • And many other applications – get in touch with us

Our extraction systems and industrial air cleaners are a byword for the highest quality and durability among machine manufacturers and in the manufacturing industry.

Extraction and purification of the exhaust air from production plants in the processing industry. Separation of water-based and oil-based aerosols, such as spraying mist or cooling lubricants.

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