REVEN® Control Technology

Automatic adjustment of ventilation systems in commercial kitchens and industrial plants

To improve the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of ventilation systems, Rentschler REVEN offers the intelligent automatic control system Speed Control. The control system continuously adjusts the exhaust and supply airflow rates to the activity of the cooking appliances or machine tools, in line with the innovative Industry 4.0 standard.

XSC Control Technology for oil mist separators
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Your kitchen ventilation system offers the following benefits

when using REVEN® Speed Control:

  • Autonomous control of ventilation and lighting
  • Automatic adjustment for individual cooking zones
  • Energy cost savings of up to 50 %
  • Less maintenance and longer service life of downstream air cleaners
  • Draught is avoided
  • Transmission of data to the IT system

Digitalised and autonomous

Functional description of the RSC Control Technology

Detecting cooking activity

The RSC Temperature and Humidity Sensors (yellow) are designed for the conditions in kitchens and detect where cooking activities (red) take place.

Ventilation control

The RSC Control System increases or decreases the supply and exhaust airflow rates in accordance with the requirements. At the same time, the required air volumes (blue) are distributed over the respective cooking zones via ventilation flaps.

RSC Temperature and Humidity Sensors
RSC Control System for the control of the supply and exhaust airflow rates.

The extraction system in your production or machining plant offers the following benefits

when using X-CYCLONE® Speed Control:

  • Continuous monitoring of the status of the appliance and the filter
  • Continuous separating efficiency due to a constant air speed
  • Energy saving – high airflow rates only when required
  • Less maintenance and longer service life of the filters
  • Optionally available with a ventilation flap to seal off the working space
  • Transmission of data to the IT system

X-CYCLONE® Speed Control – air volume control with frequency converter and status indication now installed in all Compact Units, type C, CE, CR as a standard!

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Further REVEN® Technologies

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Aerosol Separation

Separating aerosols from the exhaust air with a separating rate of up to 99.999 %.

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Fume Capture

Capturing polluted exhaust air safely and completely with the ventilation system.

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Cleaning and Disinfection

Cleaning and disinfecting separators automatically and reliably.

Those who seek energy-efficient operation, rely on Industry 4.0

The adjustment and control of ventilation systems with our innovative control technology Speed Control (RSC and XSC) increases ventilation efficiency and also creates pleasant workplaces. The perfect combination of high-grade built-in components and digital intelligence.

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