Sectors and Solutions for Catering, Processing and Manufacturing Industries

REVEN is specialised in filtering pollutants from the air

Ventilation ceiling in a commercial kitchen

Commercial Kitchens

Hotel kitchens

Extraction of a machine tool

Machine Tools

Milling machines
Grinding machines

Exhaust hood in a food both

System Catering

Food booths
Snack bars
Fastfood restaurants

Extraction of laser smoke

Metal processing

Laser systems
Welding systems
Wafer­ processing
Eroding machines

Ventilation system for a bakery

Food Processing

Manufacturing plants
Roasting plants

Air-washing system in the textile industry

Surface Treatment

Coating plants
Varnishing industry
Textile finishing

Ventilation system in food production

Food Production

Production of
convenience food

Extraction of a lathe

Processing Centres

CNC turn-mill centre
5-axis processing
Vertical processing centres

Welding smoke extraction

Extraction of Smoke and Fine Dust

Brazing and soldering

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Our Products for

Kitchen Ventilation and Food Industry

Extractor hood for the catering trade

Exhaust hoods as peripheral and central versions

A REVEN X-CYCLONE® Kitchen Hood is easy to install. It is particularly suitable for hobs and kitchen units.
Exhaust air module in a ventilation ceiling

Closed coffered ceilings with air supply and exhaust modules

A REVEN X-CYCLONE® Ventilation Ceiling integrates the extraction and the supply of air as well as the lighting in a closed, easy-to-clean suspended ceiling.
Exhaust Duct Air Cleaner RKUV for odour reduction with UV rays

Filters and separators suitable for installation in exhaust air ducts

Filters and separators suitable for installation in exhaust air ducts. REVEN® Duct-mounting Filters can be installed directly in the most diverse exhaust air ducts. They are used for odour neutralisation, for instance.
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Our Products for

the Processing Industry and the Machining Sector

C-XSC Emulsion Mist Separator with automatic adjustment

Compact ventilation units

Oil mist separators, emulsion mist separators, and appliances for electrostatic filtering
Mobile compact smoke filter

Mobile extraction units

Welding smoke, laser, and brazing fume extraction systems
Duct-mounting separator with cleaning system

Filters and separators suitable for installation in the exhaust duct

REVEN duct-mounting filters are used for centralised extraction or pre-separation, for instance

Rentschler REVEN – state-of-the-art exhaust air cleaning and ventilation solutions to meet your requirements

REVEN offers innovative ventilation technology for all sectors, no matter whether kitchen ventilation in commercial kitchens, ventilation in the processing and manufacturing industry or ventilation technology in metal processing are concerned.