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Rentschler REVEN – Your competent and experienced partner for kitchen exhaust systems as per DIN EN 16282

Our comprehensive product range and our leading technologies are precisely tailored to your requirements. This way, in addition to perfect kitchen ventilation also energy-efficient and low-maintenance operation of the exhaust air system is ensured.

Canteen kitchen with optimal ventilation
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Our Products for

Kitchen Ventilation and Food Industry

Extractor hood for the catering trade

Exhaust hoods as peripheral and central versions

A REVEN X-CYCLONE® Kitchen Hood is easy to install. It is particularly suitable for hobs and kitchen units.
Exhaust air module in a ventilation ceiling

Closed coffered ceilings with air supply and exhaust modules

A REVEN X-CYCLONE® Ventilation Ceiling integrates the extraction and the supply of air as well as the lighting in a closed, easy-to-clean suspended ceiling.
Exhaust Duct Air Cleaner RKUV for odour reduction with UV rays

Filters and separators suitable for installation in exhaust air ducts

Filters and separators suitable for installation in exhaust air ducts. REVEN® Duct-mounting Filters can be installed directly in the most diverse exhaust air ducts. They are used for odour neutralisation, for instance.

Calculate the air volume for your kitchen ventilation

Calculation software RECOMAX

You would like to calculate yourself the appropriate air volume required for your cooking appliances, kitchen blocks and dishwashers? In this case, our RECOMAX 2018 calculation program for ventilation systems in the catering trade and canteen kitchens is the perfect tool for you. RECOMAX is based on DIN EN 16282-1.

RECOMAX calculation software for commercial kitchens

Pure competence in air.

Features of a good
kitchen ventilation system:

  • The exhaust air is captured completely and leaves the building absolutely clean.
  • The supply and exhaust airflows are continuously controlled via sensors and automatically adjusted to the requirements in the different cooking zones.
  • The inflow of the supply air does not affect any exhaust air processes.
  • Odours are eliminated completely.
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Would you like more information?
We provide you with competent and comprehensive advice.

From design to commissioning

Everything from a single source

  • Air volume calculation, analysis of the operational requirements
  • Particle measurement (e. g. for retrofitting)
  • Selection and implementation of our technologies
  • Professional planning of turnkey kitchen ventilation ceilings using exhaust air hoods and duct-mounting systems
  • BIM data for ventilation engineers and architects
  • Assembly on site, commissioning and after-sales service
BIM data for ventilation ceilings


Understanding the Fundamentals of Kitchen Ventilation

You can find further information on the topic of kitchen ventilation in our flyer.

REVEN Flyer Understanding the Fundamentals of Kitchen Ventilation
Individually manufactured ventilation ceiling in a hotel kitchen

Tailored to your requirements

Our individual solutions

We offer you the perfect kitchen ventilation system for:

  • Kitchens in hotels and catering
  • Canteen kitchens
  • Catering booths in shopping malls
  • Production plants in the food industry
  • Sculleries and the exhaust air of dishwashers
  • And many other applications – get in touch with us

REVEN® Kitchen Ventilation for professionals in canteen and restaurant kitchens and in the food production sector

Our kitchen exhaust air systems are known by kitchen planners, architects and operators for best technology and highest quality. The function of the kitchen ventilation as per DIN EN 16282 has been proven by scientific methods.

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