X-CYCLONE® Kitchen Hoods

Fume capture systems for the catering trade and the food industry

Our stainless steel extractor hoods of high quality are fitted with the latest technology for professional kitchens. We deliver the extractor hoods tailored to your space conditions and fitted with the appropriate technology for your requirements.

High-grade REVEN® Kitchen Hoods made of stainless steel
REVEN® Exhaust Hoods made to measure

Tailored to your requirements

Our expertise concerning fume-extractor hoods

  • We manufacture exhaust hoods that comply with DIN EN 16282 and whose functionality has been tested for years and proven by scientific methods.
  • Thanks to the patented REVEN® Air-Induction System, the exhaust air is driven to the separators of the kitchen hood instead of escaping into the room.
  • Our patented high-grade X-CYCLONE® Separators are maintenance-free and extremely efficient with separating rates of up to 99.999 %.
  • You have special requirements with regard to space and the structural conditions – we have the appropriate extractor hood. And if not, be sure that we will find a solution!
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REVEN is a leader in research and development

Technologies of our Exhaust Hoods

X-CYCLONE® technology for the separation of aerosol

X-CYCLONE® Separating Technology

The X-CYCLONE® Basic Element cleans itself completely and does not need any maintenance! The aerosols separated in the Basic Element run off as a fluid mass to the bottom along the X-CYCLONE® profiles.

Induction hood with integrated REVEN® Fume Capture System

REVEN® Fume Capture Technology

The integrated induction system is fitted with a unique nozzle that is protected by international patent rights. It ensures that the entire exhaust air is captured and draught is avoided. and draught is avoided.

Cleaning of aerosol separators

REVEX® Cleaning Technology

The integrated REVEX® spray system ensures fully automatic cleaning and disinfection of the aerosol separators on both sides. This technology is also protected by patent rights.

Ventilation ceiling with RSC Control System

RSC Technology for ventilation control in individual cooking zones

The temperature and humidity sensors are designed for the conditions in commercial kitchens and detect in which zones cooking activity takes place.

Find the best solution for your kitchen

Take a look at our ventilation ceilings and duct-mounting air cleaners

Exhaust air module in a ventilation ceiling

Closed coffered ceilings with supply air and exhaust air modules

A REVEN X-CYCLONE® Ventilation Ceiling integrates the extraction and the supply of air as well as the lighting in a closed, easy-to-clean suspended ceiling.

Exhaust Duct Air Cleaner RKUV for odour reduction with UV rays

Filters and separators suitable for installation in the exhaust duct

REVEN® Duct-mounting Filters can be installed directly in the most diverse exhaust air ducts. They are used for odour elimination, for  instance.


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You can find further information on our Fume Extractor Hoods in our catalogue. You can also find details on the REVEN Range of Delivery there.

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Highlights of our Kitchen Hoods

  • Separating rates of up to 99.999 %

    The X-CYCLONE® high-performance separating system achieves a very high separating efficiency with rates of up to 99,999 %.

  • More efficient separation

    The condensation of vapour molecules due to the induction of air provides for even more efficient separation.

  • Proven functionality

    The effectiveness and function of the separator and the induction nozzle in a ceiling module are proven by CFD flow analysis.

  • Dimmable LED lighting

    The integrated modern LED lighting is dimmable and reduces power consumption by up to 50 % in comparison to conventional T5 or T8 luminaires.

  • Fire protection in the exhaust air duct

    To ensure fire protection in the exhaust air duct the flame-arresting capability of the X-CYCLONE® Basic Elements is tested in accordance with DIN 18869-5 and DIN EN 16282.

  • Lifetime warranty

    We provide a lifetime warranty on the
    X-CYCLONE® Aerosol Separator Basic Elements and for the corrosion resistance of the hood body.

Accessories and Services

Additional offers in connection with kitchen hoods

Recirculation hood

EGU Recirculation Hood

This extractor hood operates according to the recirculation principle. The purified exhaust air is returned to the kitchen as supply air. In this case, there is no need for an exhaust air duct.
UV-System for exhaust hoods for odour elimination

UV-System for odour elimination

It can optionally be installed in the kitchen hood to neutralise odours with UV radiation. Active carbon filters, which require a lot of maintenance, can be dispensed with.
Supply air diffuser for the balancing of the fresh air portion

ECOJET Low-velocity Supply Air Outlet

The supply air diffuser can optionally be integrated into the ceiling and ensures a balanced fresh air content in the room during the operation of the extractor hoods.

Our extractor hoods are a byword for quality and durability in the catering scene.

REVEN® Kitchen Hoods for ventilation systems in commercial kitchens are always a benefit.

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Data protection
We, the Rentschler REVEN GmbH (Registered business address: Germany), would like to process personal information with external services. This is not necessary for the use of the website, but allows us to interact even more closely with them. If desired, please make a choice: