X-CYCLONE® Smoke Filters

Mobile extraction units for smoke, dust, and gas

Our compact smoke filters are versatile when it comes to the extraction of welding smoke, laser smoke, or brazing and soldering fumes, e. g. in the electrical, photovoltaic, laser or metal industry.

Mobile smoke filter suitable for the extraction of welding smoke
Mobile smoke filter for the extraction of welding fumes in action

Tailored to your requirements

our robust and mobile extraction units

  • The high-grade filter systems that we use achieve highest separating rates of up to 99.999 % and offer a very long service life in addition.
  • You have special requirements or use a special process – we have the suitable extraction system. And be sure that we can solve any problem in this respect!
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We proudly present:

Our mobile compact smoke filters which you can adjust individually

Smoke filter for the extraction of welding smoke, laser smoke, and other fumes

WM Smoke Filter

This smoke filter is particularly suitable for extracting welding smoke and laser smoke, but also for cutting, marking, and welding work with laser systems in metal processing and the electrical industry. You can choose whether the smoke filter should have one or two extraction arms. The airflow rate amounts to 2000 m³/h.
Smoke filter suitable for the extraction of smoke, dust, and liquid aerosols

MO Smoke Filter

Our flexible smoke filter “All-in-One” tops the WM in that it can additionally extract liquid aerosols such as emulsion and oil mists. It is also available in two versions – with one and two extraction arms.
Mobile smoke filter suitable for the extraction of welding smoke

LM Smoke Filter

The handy LM smoke filter is the right device for extracting and purifying exhaust air polluted by smoke, vapours, odours and gas in applications such as soldering, laser engraving, laser marking, laser cutting, wafer processing, EDM and 3D printing. The airflow rate is continuously adjustable up to 500 m³/h.


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You can find further information on our Smoke Filters in our catalogue. You can also find details on the REVEN Range of Delivery there.

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Highlights of our Smoke Filters

  • Separating rates of up to 99.999 %

    The X-CYCLONE® high-performance separating system achieves a very high separating efficiency with rates of up to 99.999 %.

  • Proven functionality

    The effectiveness and function of the Oil Mist Separator are proven by CFD flow analysis.

  • Intelligent motoring system

    The intelligent monitoring system with electronic flow sensors ensures the permanent monitoring of the functioning of the extraction system.

  • Energy-saving ecodesign

    The fan impeller and the electric motor have an energy-efficient, sustainable design
    and comply with the European Ecodesign Directive.

  • Fire protection

    The flame-arresting capability of the X-CYCLONE® Basic Elements is tested in accordance with DIN 18869-5 and DIN EN 16282.

  • Lifetime warranty

    We provide a lifetime warranty on the
    X-CYCLONE® Aerosol Separator Basic Elements and for the corrosion resistance of the hood body.

Our mobile smoke filters for professionals are a byword for field-proven quality and durability.

Capture and cleaning of smoke emitted during welding, cutting, and marking work and by laser and soldering equipment in metal processing and the electrical industry.

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