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Our air cleaners guarantee:

  • Higher productivity due to less downtime in your production!
  • Higher quality due to constant ambient temperatures!
  • Lower maintenance and cleaning costs due to improved air cleaning!
  • Lower labour costs due to safer and more productive workplaces!
  • Lower plant operating costs due to more efficient air cleaning!
  • Lower consumption costs in your production processes due to recycling!
  • Lower repair and maintenance costs of your production facilities due to highly efficient air cleaners!
  • Considerably longer service life due to the use of 100 % rustproof stainless steel!
  • Lower operating costs due to energy-saving air cleaners!

That is what the REVEN brand and our products stand for and what I am wholeheartedly committed to.

Sven Rentschler

CEO and great-grandson of the company founder Gustav Rentschler

Rentschler REVEN since 1905

The history of Rentschler REVEN began as early as 1905 when Gustav Rentschler, the great-grandfather of the present CEO Sven Rentschler, had the company Gustav Rentschler Flaschnerei und Apparatebau registered in the guild roll of the Swabian town of Sersheim. Even during the foundation phase, the company took up the construction of extraction apparatuses and systems for production facilities and workshops.

The family-owned company has remained loyal to this field of activity ever since, specialising in industrial air cleaning over the decades. The knowledge acquired in the field of air cleaning has grown continuously over the generations since then and is unique today. Numerous internationally protected patents, brand names, design protection rights and technologies bear witness to more than a hundred years of company history and progress.

The skills and knowledge acquired during decades of plant construction formed the basis for state-of-the-art products that set new standards.

Milestones in the Company's History


Gustav Rentschler founds the craft business “Flaschnerei und Apparatebau.“


Peter Rentschler focuses the business activities on environmental technology and air cleaning equipment for commercial kitchens and the food industry.


The first patent is granted for the X-profile which becomes the basis of the X-CYCLONE® technology.


The company starts developing its business branch for industrial equipment.


A patent is granted for the fifth generation of the X-CYCLONE® separator with an efficiency improvement of 20 %.


The innovation prize of the Land Baden-Württemberg is awarded to Rentschler REVEN for the X-CYCLONE® technology.


Seminars on air cleaning on a national and international level lead to high demand.


The company develops international distribution capacities.


Rentschler REVEN join the SCHAKO Group, one of the leading European company groups in the HVAC sector.


The LÜKK (German refrigeration, ventilation and air-conditioning sector) Customer Confidence Price is awarded to Rentschler REVEN in the ventilation category by CCI Dialog GmbH. 


Our central factory in the heart of Baden-Württemberg serves our customers all over the world. We ensure perfect customer care by an international network of authorised Rentschler REVEN dealers and service points and a homepage offering information and documentation in ten different languages.

Research & Development

All of our air cleaners are the fruit of decades of research and development. Our technicians and engineers use highly sophisticated measuring instruments, software and developer tools to foster improvement and optimisation. All our products pass through a development process of several years and we use the following facilities, systems and other equipment to support optimisation:

  • Aerodynamic laboratory with scattered-light spectrometer system for precise and reliable measurement of particle concentrations and sizes
  • Fire exposure test stands for tests in accordance with DIN EN 16282, DIN 18869 and VDI 2052
  • Flame ionisation detector (FID) for the measurement of the total hydrocarbon content.
  • Portable battery-backed laser photometer with scattered light measurement and data logger for real-time measurements of aerosol masses
  • Thermographic high-resolution camera systems suitable for flow analysis
  • Software systems for numerical flow mechanics calculations, the only way to analyse and understand airflows and use these findings for development
  • SolidWorks 3D-CAD systems for development and simulation

Production and High-rise Warehouse

Our production site is located in Sersheim in Baden-Württemberg, approximately 30 km north of Stuttgart.

We produce all of our air cleaners at this company site. In our automated and computer-controlled production, we process exclusively rustproof stainless steel and aluminium sheets. Our production processes and materials guarantee reproducible quality and fully corrosion-proof products.

Automated processing machines and a high-rise warehouse ensure very short delivery periods, because we keep 80 % of our air cleaner product range in stock.

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